Whirlwind weekend, a studio appearance, and more!

Hi friends, welcome back! Since I've last blogged, a lot has happened! Nothing of major importance to speak of, but life got busy for us. Last weekend we managed to accomplish the following:

- Housewarming party for a friend, followed by meeting more friends after for a night cap. Great to catch up with the Hanna's, for sure!
- Golf on Saturday morning (beat Wade by 1 shot, come on!)
- Wedding Saturday night in Salem. GREAT to see lots of old friends and even make some new ones!
- MAGOOS. Still a classy joint.
- Church to hear Sco speak, that was a nice little bonus to the weekend.
- 84th birthday party for Grandma - boy was that a wild time!
- Dinner with friends from San Diego back in Portland (Toro Bravo, SO good)
- BED!
- Stuido recording session (for me) in Salem. Got to record keys on a worship album coming out soon!

Needless to say it was quite the weekend. But in all that busyness we managed to reflect on how good it is to see old friends. The first set we got to reconnect with (in a way) was the Scofields. Eric was the officiant of our wedding and also the leader (with his wife Marni) of our marriage counseling. Living in San Diego we don't get to see them all that often. But it is amazing what an hour of conversation and a glass of wine does to rekindle a friendship. We laughed, got serious, talked about future and just loved being together.

The next set of friends we reconnected with was the Pitkins, who we didn't even know would be at the wedding! Talk about a great surprise. We were able to be with them thru the whole wedding, then to Magoo's for shuffleboard, and then for a nice quiet dinner on Sunday. What a treat to have them in town and be able to steal some time from them.

Just writing this makes me want to get back in touch with some people. What about you? Who can you call this week to reconnect with? Encourage? Say hi? I think when we lose track of people we can lose a special part of our lives. Don't let life move too quickly that you forget about friends. I know I'm guilty of this.

Well as nice as this weather has been for the past 4 months, Ashley and I are going to be leaving tomorrow. I'm not saying where - you'll have to check back to find out. But I know one thing: we are ready to get out of here!!

Until next time, enjoy your friends, old and new.


1st Anniversary and other adventures

Well it has been a great year! Two nights ago Ashley and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary, and we did it in style. We spent the day writing a 5 page paper for her Grad school (yes!), watching golf (yes!), and going to church (getting better). But the good times really hit around 5:30 when we toasted to a great year with a glass of champagne, followed by an amazing meal at Urban Farmer. We capped the night with chat and a pillow fight! I was once told by a very wise man to have a pillow fight once a year because "it keeps you young!". Good advice!

A funny thing happened at dinner, however. Ashley excused herself to go to the bathroom about halfway through our meal and came back smelling her hands. She said, "Man, this place is great! They have this really nice oil that you can use on your hands after you wash them! My hands feel so soft!". So naturally I wanted to investigate this claim. I excused myself and headed to the men's room in search for this oil. After washing my hands and looking around, I came up empty. I told her that I couldn't find the oil in my bathroom. She said, "Well did you see a little blue bottle?" "Yeah, it had three of those smelly sticks sticking out of it".


"Crap" she says. "I doused my hands in the smelly stick oil and it is so strong!! My blue bottle didn't have the sticks poking out so I thought it was hand oil!!"

My wife, ladies and gentlemen! She keeps me guessing and smiling. And that's why I love her.

2 days later her hands still smell!

Other than that, Ashley obviously made it home safe and sound from the beaches of South Carolina and is now depressed with the weather. But she's a champ and realizing that Summer is right around the corner! And a great Summer it will be. Aren't we all looking forward to getting rid of this Winter?? On to bigger and better things!

I hope you have a great week, and remember - watch out for those things that sneak up on you, like oil. . .Until next time, wash your hands and pray for sun!



Well its been only 4 days since Ashley left for the East Coast, and I'm bored!! She went to celebrate her sister Jamie's 21st birthday (a worthy excuse, I suppose) and they are enjoying the beaches of Hilton Head, SC. Paparazzi stay away!!! Anyway, that leaves me here in the rain, working away. So far I have done about nothing. Here are some highlights:

- Worked out on Sunday morning while everyone else ran the Shamrock Run. (I have a fractured foot or else I would have!)
- Went to church on Saturday night with a group of friends, then went and had a beer with a group of friends.
- Went to church again with best friend on Sunday night, following a nap while watching golf. Riveting, right?
- Worked all day Monday, Kettlebell (aka KILLMEBELL) class in the evening.
- Woke up not being able to move
- Worked again. Boring! Ok, I did go to Spin Class.
- Farted while doing a sit up in front of my trainer (at least Ashley didn't hear it!)
- Finished the set sits ups with no more farts or sharts.
- Bought some iTunes music (Matt Wertz - get it, The Civil Wars, Amos Lee)
- Went to Molly and Will's to watch Emily win the Bachelor, then announce the break up. What a waste!
- Now I'm blogging.

I mean, come on! Life just isn't that fun without my wife around! She's laying on the beach, drinking some Mick Ultra, eating Danny's killer food, and laughing the night away! I'm in the apartment eating quinoa, brussel sprouts and fish. Boooorrrring!

Ashley, if you can hear me - come home quick and save me from myself!!

In other news, I am leading Em in our year long game of cribbage (and will be adding to my lead on Friday), am very excited about our upcoming 1st anniversary, and am loving the longer days! See, some things aren't all that bad. Until next time, count your blessings. And come visit me.


Life with the Casebeers

Its a fun life, really. We laugh a lot. We cry rarely. We try to have as much fun as we can. All in all, we like life being the Casebeers. End of post.

You weren't going to let me off that easily, were you? Life has been to good to us so far together, but it isn't all peaches and cream. For instance, lately I have been punching Ashley in the face while sleeping. Unknowingly of course. You could set off a blowhorn under my pillow and I wouldn't wake up. And apparently I have been sleeping as if there were a blowhorn under my pillow and swinging my arms around. But she treats me pretty fairly after these instances...I'm grateful for that!

Life has also seen me start my year of travel (for work). I'll be spending 6 weeks in Washington DC this year for the NADA Academy (Nat'l Auto Dealers Association). My brother and I will be learning intensely what it takes to run an auto group and how to be more effective leaders. It is a huge task but we will be so much better off after this year!

Ashley on the other hand is busy with Grad school full-time while I'm gone (and while I'm here). Her 3rd term ends next week (how time flies!) and will moving on to term #4 and a thesis. "Yuck" she says as I write this. I agree.

It has been a great start to 2011 - our first Valentines Day together (a smashing success!), a trip to the National Championship game (don't wanna talk about it), and our first anniversary, which is in 2 weeks from today. We are so grateful for what we have and are looking forward to this next phase in our lives! Any suggestions?

Keep checking back. I'm going to try to do more posting this year. In the meantime, enjoy what you have and look for ways to enhance it!