Advice from Dad

"If you sleep with dogs, you are going to get fleas". Translation: life is all about who you associate yourself with. Point taken!

"Pigs get fat, hogs get butchered". Translation: It is ok to enjoy life's good offerings, but certainly don't take advantage of anyone or anything.

"Don't let me find out from anyone other than you". Translation: Don't hide anything or else you'll get your butt whooped. Got it!

"I'm here for a good time, not a long time!" Translation: Don't take life too seriously...have FUN!

"Don't be a hero, take a cab." Translation: Don't drink and drive. Thanks, Dad. I think that's a law, too.....

"Execution equals Impact". Translation: Whatever you do, do it well. Do it right. And have fun doing it.

And lastly, "Love you". Translation: He's a good (actually, great) Dad.

I'm lucky to be able to spend this Father's day with my Dad. A lot of people aren't as fortunate as me (my wife, for starters). I won't take it for granted. I am lucky to have a Dad as great as mine. For those of you who don't have a father who is alive or a part of your life, know that God loves you and is your great Father. I'm just lucky to have two.

Until next time, go golfing, fishing, hiking, whatevering with your Dad. You won't regret it.

I love you, Daddio!


The Thing Behind The Thing

Makes a lot of sense, right? #nope. Do you get what I mean when I say that? #thethingbehindthething. That's exactly what it is, according to my brilliant wife. When I was trying to explain Twitter to her a few weeks ago, she asked about the #. The hash mark. It is kind of hard to explain, really. Do you do the # thing to make a point? To say something funny? #ihavenoidea. It's very ambiguous. Mysterious, really. #letsmoveon

What has "The Trio" been up to this week? #lotsofthings. So far, Jamie has taken over the role as "Interior Decorator". It seems like every day I come home from work and something has been done to the apartment. It's like a game...they stand there, looking at me, wondering if I'll figure out what moved. #kitchentableANDhalltable. Or why am I suddenly staring at myself when I walk in the door? #theyboughtahugemirror. So far, I love the changes. This is something I recommend to all. Change things up every once in a while, it will surprise you how much energy is inserted into an already lived-in space.

We have also been fairly active. We did another Portland Hill Walk (NW neighborhoods, Forest Park, lovely). Ashley and Jamie have been walking all over the city every day. We also roamed the West Hills #hugehouses #wanttolivethere. Last weekend we even went down and watched the Portland Rose Parade, and today we were lucky enough to go to Cirque du Soleil! #thankscarrie

All in all, it has been a great #start to the month. Wait...did I mess that up#? The thing behind the thing? #dangit! # Crap!

Until next time, enjoy your company. #won'tbehereforever


Our duo is now a trio!

Nope, we are not preggers. Settle down! But we do have some exciting news to report...we have a visitor! Ashley's sister Jamie decided to spend a month with us in Portland and she came in yesterday!

This is exciting for a number of reasons. For starters, it is nice to have more family around us. We love family. We love spending time with family members, so this is perfect! Second, we love mixing things up. I am a firm believer that shaking your world up for a little bit keeps it exciting. Ashley and I have never had a roommate before. We have hardly had anyone stay with us! So this will definitely change up "the routine" and I'm looking forward to it. And lastly, Jamie is a huge breath of fresh air. She is funny, exciting, sporadic and above all she just loves life.

Surely we will have some stories to tell. Hopefully we'll have great adventures. But I do know one thing: we're glad she's here. Welcome to Oregon, Jam Jam! Until next time, shake things up. It will be fun!