It was a good month...

Ok make that a GREAT month! This update has been long overdue, but here I am. From June 8 to July 6 Ashley and I were graced with the presence of Jamie O'Dea. And let me tell you, folks, she is one of a kind! Funny, friendly, adventurous and excitable are a few adjectives to describe her. But to really get to know Jamie you need to spend some good quality time with her. Like a month. Here's what we did!

- We attacked the PNW (Pacific North West). One weekend we went to Seattle and caught a Mariners baseball game, some fresh oysters and a naked bike parade. Always a good time! Another weekend we ventured to Black Butte and pushed Ashley up a hill. Well worth the trip, though. It was actually sunny and warm, and we had a great time cooking out and relaxing. And then it was off to Las Vegas...which was anything BUT relaxing. You know the drill. Try to get some sun in the AM, then try not to lose all your money. (Sidenote: one word for me...WINNING!)

- In another adventure, we rented a house in Neskowin for the 4th...and had a GREAT weekend! It was sunny again (rare at the coast), we had great guests (shout outs to the Halls, Marras and Weckerts!), and loved the celebrating that goes on in Neskowin. The parade was a hit as always, the Gin Fizz with Judge Barber tasted great, and Uncle Chris' Bloody Mary's were spicy as heck! But we sang out hearts out by the flag pole and fell in love with America all over again.

- I have to say, however, that some of my favorite times last month were coming home from work and seeing what the girls had done that day. One day my apartment was totally rearranged (always refreshing!). Another day they had a tennis game planned, followed by discovering a Portland treasure - the Rose Garden. Most nights were great home-cooked meals and some good ol' down time with the girls. Sometimes the less you do the more fun you have!

- As you can tell, it was a great month. A month I know I will cherish for a long time. There may not be many more times that we'll get to spend for that length of time, uninterrupted and free. So maybe that's a good lesson for all of us to relearn...love the ones you're with, as much as you can, for as long as you can.


The girl can SING!

The other night we were fortunate to go see the Sara Bareillis show at the Schnitz in Portland. Ultimately, the only reason we went in the first place was to reunite with my friend who is her bass player (he and I played in the same jazz band in college for 3 years. Too bad he got famous and I still suck at drums!) Well I sure am glad we went, because it was amazing. That. Girl. Can. Sing. Who knew that big of a voice could come out of such a small person? And that she could play the piano as well as she does? Needless to say, we were all truly impressed and extremely entertained! As a bonus, it was great to see old friends on stage (I knew the guitar player for the opener, Josh Radin, too!) and to party with the rockstars!

In other news, I have had 2 haircuts in the last week. Why, you may ask? Well I was tired of getting butchered at Bishops, so I called an Aveda Salon. What I didn't realize was that it was an Aveda SCHOOL and that I was going to get my haircut by a student of just 6 months. You can probably tell how that turned out! 1.5 hours later, she hadn't cut any hair off my head and then announced that she was done, and how did I like it? Blankly I stared at her, thinking thoughts that I could not say out loud, and said "It looks great!".

2 Days later I had a rescue haircut at Rudy's in the Pearl...and now I look like a superstar. Lesson learned!

One last update...we got to babysit RHODES! And man did we have fun. Our time was filled with soccer, lunch, a nice walk in the rain and lots of videos and laughing! More to come hopefully...

I do realize I am due to write about our month with Jamie...and I will. But until next time, pick up a copy of Sara's album and enjoy!