So I dressed as up a my Dad today for Halloween. Not sure how I felt about it. First off, my step mom hit on me because she thought I was him (totally kidding, but that was funny though huh??). But seriously, it was kind of weird. Was it a flash forward? I'm not sure...I'm not sure I dig the cowboy boots and buckle at work really. Me, I'm more of a suit guy. Actually I'm a sweater vest guy, but those can only come out in the winter months.

Ok enough rambling. Did you hear that we moved? And bought a dog? And are going to be aunt and uncle again? And are both working in Salem? And we don't live in an apartment anymore? Yep. A LOT has changed recently! Where shall I start?

The move. It's been a while coming. We have talked about moving somewhere for a while now. The apartment walls were closing in and we wanted more space! But what we didn't expect was a little blessing in disguise. A house in our ideal neighborhood in Salem came available to rent and we have to jump on it. So we did. It is a great house! And it feels way too big for us right now, but that is waht 800 square feet will do to a couple. But after having been in for 1 day and not even close to being unpacked, we love it so far.

Ruby. Our new puppy. She's a shih tzu and a damn cute one. We drove all the way to Puyallup, WA to get her and boy was it worth it! Ruby has quite the personality so far...she a little bit of a leash biter...but I guess that's better than a poop eater! She loves to cuddle late at night and it potty trained already! Stay tuned for more stories...

Rhodes. She will have a sibling! Due in late Spring and gender unknown, there will be another Casebeer. And we all can't wait!

Ducks. 7-1. 1st in the Pac 12. National Title Contenders...you know, the usual stuff. Not much else to report other than we are really good again...fun time to be a Duck fan!!

Ashley. She's still the best! Working for the school district, mommying a dog, and getting to be the lead designer of our new house! Love her. . .

That's enough updating for now. My only wisdom for you? Live a little. Buy a dog. Move towns. Do things for people, both that you love and don't love. Do things in general. Until next time, keep it fun and adventurous - you won't regret it!