I'm a huge dork

I admit it. I completely geeked out on something last week and I'm not ashamed. I'm also not in high school, which is a huge contradiction. But I stood in line for 2 hours, in the cold, at midnight, to watch the world premier of "The Hunger Games". OK, so I wasn't alone. I'm going to throw my wife under the bus on this one to! She came with, almost fell asleep during the first hour (I was riveted) but made it through to the end. I have to say, it was a pretty fun evening. We had a nice dinner with some other friends who came with us (I won't sewer them), bought a nice bottle of wine to share while waiting for the movie, and then hung out with a movie theater full of high schoolers, some dressed in full HG garb. My personal highlight? Started the slow clap as the movie was starting and got the majority of the theater to follow suit!

In other news around the Casebeer world, I am an uncle again! As of 10:30 on Sunday evening, Hammond Rain Casebeer was introduced to the world. Healthy, happy, and presumably hunger, Hammond is now a part of this crazy Casebeer family. Good luck little buddy, it will be a fun ride!

Aside from that, my prego wife is doing great! She's starting a show a little cute bump and claims to have felt little Casebeer last night! I'll verify this evening and report back! Other than that, things are smooth and we can't wait for the gender reveal. My gut feeling is PINK!

Our next big event? Jamie O'Dea's COLLEGE graduation. I met her when she was an 8th grader. Weird.

Until next time, live in the now! Enjoy what you have! And stay hungry, my friends!


Well that was quick!

Greeting friends! So much time has passed since I've last updated you on our crazy lives. Let's see. Since then (December), we had a great New Years, took a trip to Hawaii, got pregnant, went on a business trip to Vegas, and....

"Wait a minute. Back that train up. You got PREGNANT????"

Yes we did folks! Ashley and I are officially turning our family of 2.25 (Ruby) into a family of 3.25! 15 weeks along and doing very well, Ashley and I are extremely excited. The baby is healthy so far, Ashley has not experienced many sick days at all, and I have not freaked out more than 7.6 times. In fact quite the opposite. I am so excited to have a little buddy (guy or girl, who cares?) to run around with I can hardly stand it!

So what has this pregnancy entailed so far? Well, we had to cleverly hide this from many people. Ashley had to fake drink wine/champagne at New Year's, I've had to go buy Oreo Cookies more than once, and the jeans with the strechy front arrived. Pregnancy jeans? Preans? Jegnancys? Anyway, she'll still be lookin hot with those bad boys.

Other than that we are still waiting to see little Jerome (kidding) in the form of a baby bump. Nothing yet! I mean come on already I want to see something! Ashley still looks like the hot mama (pun intended) that I married!

Now what is next? Well, some doctors appointments, an ultrasound to find out the sex of baby Jerome in about 6 weeks, some reading, and lots of preparing to be parents. We are so excited and welcome any help and/or advice you have to offer!

Until next time, buckle up for the ride. It's going to be great!