The Invincibility of the Moment

Have you ever thought back to a moment in your life when you simply "knew something"?  It's that moment in time when things become clear, they become absolute. I refer to this moment as "invincible" because no one can take it away from you and no one can replace it.  And no one can understand what that moment means to you.  It is powerful and it is everlasting.

As most of you know by now, Ashley and I have had our baby boy Coleman Alexander Casebeer.  He's perfect.  He already has a personality and he looks like me!  The feelings that are introduced to parents at the arrival of the first child are interesting.  I think new life hits people at different times and in different ways.  For me, I had my "invincible moment" about 8 days after Coleman was born.  It didn't come immediately for whatever reason.  Don't get me wrong - I loved him from second #1 - but this moment struck me about midnight of day 8.

Coleman was sleeping on Ashley's chest and I caught her staring at him.  She didn't know I was looking.  At exactly this moment was when I know I had to lead this family.  It was absolutely invincible.  It was spirit driven and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I know right then I was the leader of this family.

Coleman is doing great.  He's growing (almost 9 lbs now), on the verge of smiling as a response and is thus far OK with Ruby licking his mouth.  She's weird like that, goes straight for the mouth.  *Side note - Ruby has eaten the following: tube of lanolin, 2 plastic syringes, 3 pairs of Mama's shoes, the Kindle charger, half of a sharpie, the coffee table and probably so many things I don't want to know about.* Anyway, Coleman is adjusting to life as a Casebeer and is doing so great.  He is a pretty good sleeper and a great pooper.  Just the beginning. . .

Back to The invincibility of the moment.  Have you had one?  I hope you do.  You'll know.  It is God tugging at your heart and pointing you in some direction.  For me it was in towards Him, bringing my family along.  Until next time, live for the moment.